Eden prvih dresovThe Sports Club Ultimate Frisbee Maribor was formed in 2008. Its founding members were Blaž Jakopin, Ivan Novak, Jaka Papić, Nejc Kodrič and Jernej Jerebic. Finishing high school they were looking for something new and different when they heard about Ultimate from their friends from Ljubljana. Shortly after its formation the club had about 20 members, enough to hold practices and attend tournaments. In 2011 the European club championship was held in Maribor. After the championship the club grew further, happily welcoming roughly 10 new members – so the team organized practices for beginners. With the new reinforcements, Maribor Ultimate won its first National Champion title in the Open divison. Today the club continues to grow. It has around 35 active members, who take part in many activities:

  • Organized recreational and competition practices
  • Attending larger tournaments at home and abroad
  • Organizing home tournaments
  • Promoting Ultimate in elementary schools, high schools and universities
  • Promoting Ultimate in the media
  • Monthly teambuilding activities – “Human hours”