At Maribor Ultimate we run exhibitions at schools or sport and other events, on request. You can find our references under the »News« tab. Our repertoire is wide and we are happy to design the contents of our exhibitions to your needs and wishes.

Seminar for primary- and high school teachers including necessary literature (4 hours)

During the seminar you will learn the sport fundamentals – rules, basic throws, Spirit Of The Game (SOTG) concept, offensive and defensive plays as well as how to approach your students and youth with this sport. At the seminar you will also receive the literature package which includes all the necessary theory including 10 learning sets that you may use during the training.

Workshop for primary- and high school staff

Our workshops content will depend on your wishes. We will make sure we present ultimate in an efficient way in the amount of time you’ve allotted to us. The activities are designed to keep the attendees active at all times. We try to answer all the specific questions and present the game, rules and SOTG concept. We also introduce our sport to the teachers and how it can be used as a learning tool.

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Workshops for students

We always adapt our workshop to the age group and the group size. Usually we teach the basic rules and acquaint the students with an idea of no referee and put them in the situations where they are forced to make decisions and solve the disagreements on their own as they go along. During that time they are supervised by experienced coaches from MB Ultimate (we always bring enough coaches to run the workshop smoothly). We try to keep the students active throughout the workshop. We try our best to fit the time and logistics to your needs.

This type of workshops proved to work well when taking place at schools’ sports days where students are in stimulating environment and are keen learn new things. Of course, we run the workshops also during PE classes and other events outside schools.

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Event organization (team building, celebrations etc.)

We also have to offer fully customized workshop or exhibition, if needs be. Don’t be shy and get in touch!

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Contact Information:

Blaž, mariborultimate@gmail.com, +386 40 550 371

Matic, matic@mariborultimate.com, +386 51 216 949

The Basics

Playing field: 100m x 37m
Players per team: 7
– 175g
– diameter 27 cm
– white
Goal: to catch the disc in the opponents end zone
Basic Rules:
– the player with the disc is not allowed to run
– it’s a non-contact sport
– no referees!