Ultimate frisbee is an atractive team sport that combines fast movement, athletic endurance and frisbee throwing techniques. It is played on a grass or turf field. A team of seven players tries to catch the disc(frisbee) in the opponents endzone and score a point. Alongside spectacular plays the sport is known for its high level tournaments home and abroad, crazy parties and a community around the globe. A distinct characteristic of ultimate is also that it is self-officiated – there are no referees. It relies on The Spirit Of The Game to encourage players abide to the rules, keep a cool head and react with respect to themselves as well as the opponent.

History of Ultimate

The beginnings of ultimate go back 140 years, when the american Frisbee Baking Company started baking pies. Pies became a popular snack at universities, additionally they were served on round tin plates – perfect for throwing around and having fun during recess.Those were the first steps of frisbee. Ultimate began expanding rapidly on universities across America in the 1970′. Students organized leagues that evolved into regional and national competitions. Today the sport is a global Hit. It is still growing strong and represents a mixture of football, american football and basketball.”

The Basics

Playing field: 100m x 37m
Players per team: 7
– 175g
– diameter 27 cm
– white
Goal: to catch the disc in the opponents end zone
Basic Rules:
– the player with the disc is not allowed to run
– it’s a non-contact sport
– no referees!