The team hit the road to the highly anticipated tournament for which we have been training hard in the winter season. The capitol of Hungary was the place where 8 teams from Austria, Germany, England, Ireland, Hungary and Slovenia battled to win the title at Bubblepest.


The organizers offered the option to choose between morning and afternoon games – therefore teams were split up into a morning and afternoon pool. We chose the afternoon pool which meant we were well rested and warmed up when we took the field at 14:00. We played against the home and organizing team LOL. We managet to win with a score of 12:7. They mostly had 3 girls on the line since the had enogh substitutions. We had only 5 girls, but they had no problems with fatigue. Ivo called for a defence with a forehand force and no under cuts (the throwe is forced to throw a forehand, and the res are not allowed to run towards the thrower), which executed very well. In offence we played a side stack (players stand in a line close to one sideline of the field) to use a lot of free space to establish our cuts. Mihelač scored quite a few points this game using his strong legs to cut deep and catch hucks in the endzone. Meanwhile Žan had to catch some difficult throws, often forcing him to make a huge layout to get the disc. Žan wasn’t the only one getting some bruises as in a unlucky incident he hit Tjaša in the back while cutting. THe players on the sideline were relentless and loud, firing up the players on the field and helping them in the offence as well as the defence. Blaž and Ivo “forever together” excellently lead the team also explaining things that were not clear and were causing us trouble. Heli wickedly added: “The girls from LOL were all over the place going deep”.

2nd match: DÜRÜM

The game against the Turkish team was tight and fair as both teams fought very hard to win. Additionaly there were almost no calls or disagreements. We won the game 11:10.

3rd match: Good Lord!

Unfortunately we lost against team Good Lord! from England. In the last seconds of the game Heli picked up the disc near the sideline. After having to reset the disc to the middle of the field the pass got intercepted and Good Lord scored a Callahan in our endzone. Nevertheless she won the title (a gray hat) of the most sexy player on the team, which took the load off of her after that unlucky last pass.

Hungry and tired we were looking for the restaurant we had a dinner reservation. Finding out the place with live jazz music and plenty of desserts was the wrong restaurant our high hopes were quickly shattered. One block down the street we finally arrived in the reastaurant. Enjoying our delicious meals we were joined by the Austrian team Catchup. After that back to our “studio” for a power nap as later in the evening we went for a Boat cruise down the Danube river. After the cruise we headed to a Club for the tournament party where we danced late into the night. In the end Heli returned with a red hat instead of a gray one.

BubblePest skupinska večerja BubblePest ogled po Donavi


After warming up and a motivation speech from Blaž and Ivo we were ready for our first Sunday Game against Catchup from Graz who joined us for dinner and party last night. Unsurprisingly Catchup played a zone defence. We learned that we must not let their girls beat us on the open side when running deep. Nevertheless we lost the game agains a strong opponent with a strong ultimate tradition. No worries, we learned a lot in this game.

After the Catchup game we went up agains the German U23 national team for the third place. Our opponents were much more experienced and had a deeper roster (more subs and less fatigue) which meant we would end the tournamnet in 4th place. Us being a young team as well as bringing new talent to the tournament we are very pleased with the result. With tired smiles on our faces we went from the showers and into the van and again hit the road towards home. We truly learned a lot about Ultimate on and off the field. A great start in the season and we look forward to more weekends like this.


BubblePest 2015